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This leather lead has been developed to find the perfect lead for both dog and human. The result is a fantastic lead featuring a metal ring join between the handle and the lead to give more flexibility, but also allowing the lead to be clipped around waist or shoulders when your dog is running free. The lead is approx 1m long.

Matching collars are available.


Brown Leather Dog Lead

Colour: Chocolate Brown

    If you treat your leather lead well it will thank you by growing more beautiful with age. To clean the leather, rinse the lead in warm water to get any major dirt off, then treat it with Neats Foot Oil for waterproofing or Saddle Soap. This will keep the leather moist and supple.


    Different leathers are best for different purposes: black, tan and chocolate are great for rugged use. The coloured leathers will also age beautifully but the colour in the leather may darken with use - for example the red may darken with wear.

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