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Protective eyewear for dogs - dogs need eye protection just as humans

do, whether it's protection from the sun's harmful rays or protection from the wind and debris. All DOGGLES have polycarbonate (shatterproof)

lenses with 100% U.V. protection and a permanent antifog coating. Two

soft adjustable straps keep the DOGGLES on comfortably and securely

during any activity. DOGGLES have a unique three strap system that

keeps the sunglasses away from the eyes and on the bridge of the nose where they belong. DOGGLES are worn by many dogs for many reasons. Search and Rescue, police and military dogs wear DOGGLES for            protection from environmental hazards. Many dogs wear DOGGLES       when riding in cars or on motorcycles for protection from wind and debris Hunting and working dogs as well as beach bums wear DOGGLES for     function and fashion and fun.


Please refer to size guide - some sizes may not be available in some

colour combinations.

Doggles - K9 Optix

Colour: Silver colour/Smoke Lens
  •                        Typical Dog    Head strap    Chin Strap

                            Size          & Frame      

    Small            9-25lbs (4-12kg)       12"-20"              4"-8"

                                                        (30-50cm)         (10-20cm)

    Breed example: Westie, Beagle

    Medium      20-60lbs(9-27kg)       15"25"                5"-11"

                                                         (38-63cm)        (13-28cm)

    Breed example: Dalmation, Border Collie

    Large          50-100lbs(22-45kg)   18"-30"               6"-15"

                                                        (46-76cm)         (15-38cm)

    Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

    X Large      100+lbs(45+kgs)      22"-45"            11"-26"

                                                       (56-114cm)         (28-66cm)

    Breed example: Large Rottweiler, St. Bernard


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